Get off the trainer and Try riding out doors in the winter! But, what to wear?

Are you sick of using your trainer and riding indoors this winter? Try switching it up and ride outdoors. It is worth it to try, but you must be prepared for the cold weather. By cold weather, I mean below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some suggestions for what to wear for your cold weather cycling gear.

Tights, Leg Warmers or Bib:

If you choose to wear tights, you would wear your cycling shorts with the padding underneath them. This will give you an extra layer of warmth. You can also buy tights with pads built in. Tights come with an elastic waist or shoulder straps like a bib. The straps are to keep your tights from falling down.

Another option is cycling leg warmers. Your cycling short’s legs should overlap the leg warmers so there is no skin exposed. The advantage of leg warmers is that you can take them off if you get too warm.

If you don’t like tights, there are plenty of options for athletic pants that are not clingy and offer flexibility and mobility. I recommend 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports. These are for men but some pants are unisex. For women, I recommend RBX Active Women’s Fleece Arctic Barrier Athletic Tights


CycleOps Wind Indoor Trainer


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The CycleOps Wind Indoor Trainer is best for beginner to mid-level cyclist. It is inexpensive and is made by a high quality company that stands by their products, which is proven by the Lifetime Warranty on the steel frame. It is easy to assemble and get your bike on and off from. If you are looking for a wind trainer, the CycleOps wind indoor trainer may be for you.

If you are wondering how to find the best Indoor Bike Trainer for you, check out my article Beginners Guide on Indoor Bike Trainers.


Continue Your Workouts Indoors with the CycleOps Fluid² Trainer


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Many cyclists live in areas where there are four seasons. This means that there are months where the weather will prohibit an outdoor ride. There are also times when it is just too dark to safely ride outside. There also may be times when you would like to ride with no interruptions. You can just get on your trainer and go without the relays involved with the road.  This is why a resistance trainer like the CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer is needed to continue your cycling workouts. Indoor trainers don’t limit your cycling workouts; you are using your own bike riding in place.

The CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer is the best-selling trainer in the USA. It is built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials, and is made in the USA. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has adjustable footpads for sturdy setup. The CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer uses fluid generated resistance, which makes it very quiet and a consistent feel while riding.


Differences Between The Concept 2 Model E & D Indoor Rowing Machine.


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The Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine comes in a model D and Model E. It is the top-selling rowing machine in the world. The Concept 2 Model D is known for being the rowing machine for Olympic, college, and high-school athletes. It is also found in many fitness and home gyms.

When you thought they couldn’t get any better, they made the Concept 2 Model E. This model has the same quality with a few differences. The Concept 2 Model E has a higher seat, a nickel-plated steel chain, and a longer monitor arm. These improvements do come with a higher price.

The main difference is the height of the machine off the ground. The Model E is 6” higher than the Model D. It is the same height as a basic chair. This significant feature is a must have for those who are extremely tall, have balance or mobility issues, and simply have difficulty getting up and down from low places.


Kettler Stroker Rower & Multi Trainer Review


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The Kettler Stroker Rower & Multi Trainer is a mid price-rowing machine that is the quality you can expect from Kettler. It is a magnetic resistance rowing machine that provides the smooth rowing motion of an air rower but the quietness of a hydraulic piston rower. It also is made to do other strength training exercises for the upper body.


The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine Review


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The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is made by Concept 2 Inc. an American company in Vermont. In 1976, the company started making rowing oars. In 1981 they created the first Concept 2 indoor rowing machine, which became the top-selling rowing
machine in the world. Olympic, college, and high-school athletes use the Concept 2 for they’re off water training. It is also found in many fitness and home gyms.

The Concept 2 is easy to assemble and folds into 2 pieces to put away and store. It is an air resistance rowing machine that will adjust the resistance the faster and harder you row. The dampers change the feel of rowing like the gears on a bike. It is a low-impact full workout that fits all heights and weights. The Concept 2 is commercial grade, so it is well made to last. It also has a great following, so it will be easy to find workouts and apps to make your workouts fun.

Kettler Kadett – feels like being on the water


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The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine is an outrigger rowing machine. An outrigger is a triangular support for an oarlock, projecting from the side of the shells gunwales. This feature gives the Kadett a realistic sculling motion and makes it different from most rowing machines.

Sculling is rowing on a small light racing boat for one, two, or four rowers, each using a pair of sculls. The sculling motion uses a port (left hand) and starboard (right hand) oar.

The rowing motion, starts at the catch, with the seat fully extended to the end of the slide, knees bent and hands on the oar handles, out and away. This simulates hands out over the gunwales, sides of the boat. The rowing motion pulls the oars toward

The rowing motion pulls the oars toward the stomach, driving the legs, until the seat is at the back of the slide, and hands are in the lap. Start the motion again by pushing the hands away and pulling the seat up with the feet and legs, until the hands are again over the gunwales.


Is the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Right for You? (Review)


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The Kettler Favorit rowing machine is a hydraulic piston rowing machine. The Kettler Favorit rowing machine is made by Kettler. Kettler is a leisure fitness company in Germany that has a range of products from patio furniture to fitness equipment. They have been selling high-quality products for over 30 years and have established themselves as an industry leader.

A hydraulic rowing machine is at the lower price range of rowing machines and they are compact. This makes it ideal for usage in a small house or apartment.

Many people feel they waste money on fitness memberships because they don’t go. This way you can work out at home on your own time.

Hydraulic rowing machines also tend to have a lower resistance than other types of machines. This makes it good for people looking for an introductory rowing machine with beginner and intermediate fitness levels.  Short periods of use about 20-30 min workout a few times will help you get the best out of your rowing machine. It is not recommended for rowers looking for a machine to train on. It is not the right machine for experienced rowers.

The Kettler Favorit rowing machine is at a mid range price. The price is worth it to get a better quality product. It is a solid rowing machine that can back up the price. It is the least expensive machine that Kettler makes. (more…)

5 Indoor Rowing Workouts and Tips

Before you start indoor rowing workouts for your exercise routine you need to make sure of a few things.

First, make sure your feet are properly in the foot straps. The proper place is across the ball of your foot. Your feet and legs need to be in the proper position to complete a full stroke.images

Then, make sure the resistance is at the right setting for you. For beginners, you should start with a low resistance and work up from there, as you get more comfortable.

Make sure you understand the fitness monitor. The most important things to look at are the stroke rate and watts. The Stroke rate measures your strokes per minute and the watts measures the intensity of the workout. Your goal should be to keep your stroke rate between 26-32. Your watts should be your weight in pounds.


9 reasons to choose rowing for your workout routine.

Rowing and rowing machines have been frequently advertised on commercials and TV shows. House of Cards on Netflix, features Kevin Spacey’s character working out on a water rowing machine. There are also indoor rowing fitness studios popping up in cities around the United States.  Group rowing has taken the place of spinning classes and is growing in popularity.

We live in Philadelphia near the Schuylkill River where rowers of all skill levels come to enjoy the sport of rowing. Most Universities and High Schools have crew teams that compete on the Schuylkill River.

boathouse row Philadelphia

boathouse row Philadelphia

Rowing is a popular sport in our area, but you may ask yourself, why would you want to choose rowing for your workout routine?

Rowing helps you burn more calories than other work out machines.

For example, a basic complete workout could be obtained in 30 minutes on an elliptical machine and about 1.5 hours circuit training.

But on a rower, you need less than 35 minutes to accomplish the same workout.

Why? Because rowing works out almost every major muscle group. With the proper form, rowing works leg biceps, leg triceps, calves, buttocks, lower abs, upper abs, lower back, oblique’s, upper back (lats), neck (traps), rear shoulder (deltoids), outer deltoids, triceps, biceps, and forearms. It even works out the front deltoids and lower pectorals to some extent. A rowing workout hits every major muscle group. Here are some more reasons why rowing is a phenomenal aerobic/cardio workout. (more…) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to