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5 Indoor Rowing Workouts and Tips

Before you start indoor rowing workouts for your exercise routine you need to make sure of a few things.

First, make sure your feet are properly in the foot straps. The proper place is across the ball of your foot. Your feet and legs need to be in the proper position to complete a full stroke.images

Then, make sure the resistance is at the right setting for you. For beginners, you should start with a low resistance and work up from there, as you get more comfortable.

Make sure you understand the fitness monitor. The most important things to look at are the stroke rate and watts. The Stroke rate measures your strokes per minute and the watts measures the intensity of the workout. Your goal should be to keep your stroke rate between 26-32. Your watts should be your weight in pounds.


9 reasons to choose rowing for your workout routine.

Rowing and rowing machines have been frequently advertised on commercials and TV shows. House of Cards on Netflix, features Kevin Spacey’s character working out on a water rowing machine. There are also indoor rowing fitness studios popping up in cities around the United States.  Group rowing has taken the place of spinning classes and is growing in popularity.

We live in Philadelphia near the Schuylkill River where rowers of all skill levels come to enjoy the sport of rowing. Most Universities and High Schools have crew teams that compete on the Schuylkill River.

boathouse row Philadelphia

boathouse row Philadelphia

Rowing is a popular sport in our area, but you may ask yourself, why would you want to choose rowing for your workout routine?

Rowing helps you burn more calories than other work out machines.

For example, a basic complete workout could be obtained in 30 minutes on an elliptical machine and about 1.5 hours circuit training.

But on a rower, you need less than 35 minutes to accomplish the same workout.

Why? Because rowing works out almost every major muscle group. With the proper form, rowing works leg biceps, leg triceps, calves, buttocks, lower abs, upper abs, lower back, oblique’s, upper back (lats), neck (traps), rear shoulder (deltoids), outer deltoids, triceps, biceps, and forearms. It even works out the front deltoids and lower pectorals to some extent. A rowing workout hits every major muscle group. Here are some more reasons why rowing is a phenomenal aerobic/cardio workout. (more…) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to