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CycleOps Wind Indoor Trainer


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The CycleOps Wind Indoor Trainer is best for beginner to mid-level cyclist. It is inexpensive and is made by a high quality company that stands by their products, which is proven by the Lifetime Warranty on the steel frame. It is easy to assemble and get your bike on and off from. If you are looking for a wind trainer, the CycleOps wind indoor trainer may be for you.

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Continue Your Workouts Indoors with the CycleOps Fluid² Trainer


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Many cyclists live in areas where there are four seasons. This means that there are months where the weather will prohibit an outdoor ride. There are also times when it is just too dark to safely ride outside. There also may be times when you would like to ride with no interruptions. You can just get on your trainer and go without the relays involved with the road.  This is why a resistance trainer like the CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer is needed to continue your cycling workouts. Indoor trainers don’t limit your cycling workouts; you are using your own bike riding in place.

The CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer is the best-selling trainer in the USA. It is built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials, and is made in the USA. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has adjustable footpads for sturdy setup. The CycleOps Fluid² Indoor Trainer uses fluid generated resistance, which makes it very quiet and a consistent feel while riding.

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